Hiking & Trekking

Hiking is usually done up in the Hill country where mountains and water falls are found in abundance. Jungles and nature reserves are also covered during hiking. Abit of bird watching can also be thrown in at the same time. Fully trained guides are on hand by hotels that offer hiking as a part of their package when it comes to exlporing Sri Lanka's


The most famous place for surfing is the Arugam bay on the East Coast which also happened to host the 2004 National Championships. The usual surfing season is from April to September when it is very windy. Southern Coastal beaches are also famous among surfers.


Sri Lanka is a perfect place to get acquainted with kitesurfing and learn all the ropes. Start kiting in paradise and you won’t be able to stop!

Madu River Boat Safari

Sri Lanka is a real paradise for all nature lovers. Yet some places are especially beautiful and draw hundreds of tourists with enchanting sceneries and serene atmosphere. Madu River is located in the south of Sri Lanka near Galle. The water of the river is dotted with small islands and the banks are all covered with lush mangrove forests that are home to dozens of incredible animal species. Enjoy hundreds of vibrant tropical birds and a few crocodiles if you’re lucky enough. These creatures are pretty rare and don’t like crowds.

Hot Air Balloon

Imagine yourself floating gracefully over the spectacular lands of Sri Lanka with beautiful rivers, magical forests, green mountains and ancient historical sites. Hot air ballooning is a relatively new activity, but it’s gaining more popularity each year. It’s a unique way to see the country and there are no two routes alike so you are guaranteed to have a unique experience. All the balloons are manufactured in Great Britain and the pilots also train there. During the flight a special ground crew follows the air balloon in jeep and makes sure that everything is alright.

Yoga Retreat

ri Lanka is a great place for all those yogis who are feeling a little bit adventurous. It’s always great to change the location of your practice from time to time, get new experience in a truly fantastic setting of misty mountains, tropical forests and white beaches with azure waters. Nurture your spirituality as you venture into a mesmerizing yoga trip that will take you deep inside your mind and soul. There are numerous yoga retreats in Sri Lanka that offer gorgeous beaches and loads of healthy activities that will help you keep fit and enjoy your stay in the country to the fullest.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is one of the most spectacular experiences to have in Sri Lanka. Just imagine these beautiful beings leap gracefully from the sea and swimming right in front of you! Whales are gorgeous mysterious creatures and Sri Lanka is among the best places in the world to watch them in their natural habitat.

Wildlife Safari

One of the many reasons as to why people visit Sri Lanka is because of its very diverse wildlife. From flora to fauna, a lot of species are only endemic to Sri Lanka. A lot of people, even the locals come to nature reserves and forests to get a glimpse of rare creatures for maybe once in their whole lifetime. Alot of nature reserves and santuaries are in Sri Lanka in order to protect the wildlife from human interests that might harm the animals including poaching.

Railway Tours

Train travel is one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to see the country. You get to enjoy the most spectacular scenery while still having the opportunity to grab some food, talk to locals and meet fellow travelers. You can also get off at any station you like and get as adventures as possible.